Attic Heat Harvester
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Supplemental home heating for the cost of running a light bulb

Where can Attic Heat Harvesting be Used?

Using Solar Heated Attic Air

reduce heating costs - buy now Solar energy conducted through attic roofs heats the attic air.

The recently developed extremely efficient automatic attic heat harvesting system makes use of solar heated attic air to efficiently heat living areas.

The Attic Heat harvester System shortens the time period that fossil fuelled home heating system are required reducing annual heating cost.

Attic heat harvesting system tests have been carried out each year in homes since 2011, one near Edinburgh, Scotland, and one near Toledo, Ohio, USA. Tests showed that to achieve room temperatures between 18 and 23°C (64 to 73°F), system peak periods for using solar heated attic air generally occur whenever average outdoor temperatures are between 10 and 15°C (50 and 60°F). The test homes benefit from some passive solar heating, in homes that have little or no passive solar heating the temperature range will be increased.

The time of year when average outdoor temperature is between 10 and 15°C is variable but most often determined by your home's latitude.

The following world chart gives an indication of when and where peak solar heating periods using attic heat harvesting are most likely.

Heat harvesting World-wide peak periods for solar heating peak times to use solar heated attic air

In general, the attic heat harvester system peak periods for using solar heated attic air are:

World Latitude30 to 40 40 to 5050 to 60
AHH Peak PeriodWinter Spring and AutumnSummer

However latitudes in homes near coasts will usually be higher, and at higher elevations, lower. The number of hours of sunshine per month is also a factor, high monthly sunshine hours increase the latitude of the peak period for using solar heated attic air.

Attic Heat Harvesting in the UK

The following charts show Edinburgh UK and Brighton UK average climates, the shaded areas show peak periods for solar heating.

Brighton Climate solar heated attic air use for Brighton UK

Edinburgh Climate Solar heating periods for Edinburgh

When home temperatures are high the automatic attic heat harvesting system does not operate.

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When is there enough solar heated attic air Average climate for Aberdeen UK Average climate for Glasgow Average climate for Edinburgh Average climate for Armagh Average climate for Durham Average climate for Liverpool Average climate for Sheffield Average climate for Cardiff Average climate for Oxford Average climate for Felixtowe Average climate for Grenwich Average climate for Plymouth Average climate for Christchurch Average climate for Brighton Average climate for Jersey

At northern UK latitudes the peak period for using solar heated attic air is from May to September, at southern UK latitudes it is during spring and autumn.

Average monthly climate information for charts on this website were obtained from, and from

Our Attic Heat Harvesting System is the most efficient way to use solar heated attic air, it is inexpensive, very reliable, simple to maintain, and the pay back period is measured in months rather than years.