Attic Heat Harvester
attic heat harvesting system, the most efficient heating system?

Supplemental home heating for the cost of running a light bulb

Home Heating Comparision 2012

UK Heating Energy Source Cost Comparisons

the most efficient heating system - buy now UK homes are heated using a variety of heating energy sources having widely varying heating energy costs, you can dramatically reduce heating energy costs by choosing the most efficient heating systems.

If your attic gets heated by solar energy the hot attic air can be used to supplement your current heating system and reduce heating cost whatever your main heating energy source is.

Heating Energy Costs

Home heating energy source costs per kWh October 2012 - * heating energy sources, heating energy costs

Chart data was produced by the 'Nottingham Energy Partnership' except the Attic Heat Harvester data which is derived from the Electricity - Standard Rate 1 divided by the Balerno, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012 Attic Heat Harvester System Efficiency achieved of 18.6 At attic heat harvester efficiencies higher than 18.6 the comparative energy source costs per kWh is even lower than that shown in the chart.

Heating Energy CO2 Emissions per kWh Comparison

A factor of growing significance in efforts to minimise the impact of heating system use on the environment is CO2 emissions per kWh.

UK home heating energy source CO2 emissions per kWh - * Heating energy sources C02 emissions

The charts above are based on modern and well maintained heating appliances, old and or poorly maintained heating appliances can cost considerably more per kWh and will emit more CO2.

Gas, Wood, Coal, Kerosene, LPG, Oil, smokeless fuel, propane and butane fuelled heating systems use electricity, neither the cost of this electricity or the additional CO2 emitted are not included in the charts above. These systems use more electricity in standby mode than the attic heat harvester system uses to run, so in reality the attic heat harvester system emits the least CO2.

Installation Costs

Heating System Installation Cost attic heat harvester installation costs vs rival systems

The chart shows the average installation cost of a number of heating systems

Chart data, except that for the newly developed Attic Heat Harvester, was obtained from the Energy Saving Trust.

The Most Efficient Heating System?

Most heating systems are quite complex, this is usually reflected in the installation cost, in contrast the Attic Heat Harvester System is simple and inexpensive to install. The attic heat harvesting system is simple and very easy to maintain.

If your attic gets hot reduce heating energy costs by using Attic Heat Harvesting, and save every year.