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US Attic Heat Harvester Performance Example
UK Attic Heat Harvester Performance Example


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Charts and Graphics

Temperatures °F 9 May-26 August 2011 Balerno, Scotland
Temperatures °C 9 May-26 August 2011, Balerno, Scotland
Balerno home 2011 summer °F temperatures using 1st Prototype Attic Heat Harvester system
Balerno home 2011 summer °C temperatures using 1st Prototype Attic Heat Harvester system
Home Heating System Efficiencies
Heating Systems, relative running costs

150mm Backdraught Shutter
Attic Heat Harvester Controller Block Diagram
Attic Heat Harvester System Schematic
Attic Heat Harvester Controller Photograph deg F
Attic Heat Harvester Controller Photograph deg C
Motorized Air Valve Photograph
120vac Fan Unit Photograph
Insulated Ducting Photograph
Room Temperature Sensor Cable Photograph
Attic Temperature Sensor Cable Photograph
Main Air Valve Cable Photograph
Fan Power Cable Photograph
230v 250mm High Power fan
230v 250mm Fan Unit Photograph
AHHS Performance, Toledo, OH, 22-28 Oct, 2011
Attic Heat Harvesting System, 1 floor home
Attic Heat Harvesting System, 2 floor home
Ceiling Vent Photo
Wall Air Vent Photo
5 Amp Fused Switch Unit Photo

Average Climate for Aberdeen UK
Average Climate for Edinburgh UK
Average Climate for Glagow UK
Average Climate for Jersey UK
Average Climate for Plymouth UK
Average Climate for Christchurch UK
Average Climate for Brighton UK
Average Climate for Greenwich UK
Average Climate for Felixstowe UK
Average Climate for Oxford UK
Average Climate for Sheffield UK
Average Climate for Liverpool UK
Average Climate for Durham UK
Average Climate for Armagh UK
Average Climate for Cardiff UK