Attic Heat Harvester
attic heat harvesting system, utilising high attic temperatures

Supplemental home heating for the cost of running a light bulb

AHH Controller Keypad Functions

attic heat harvester controller keypad functions In 'Normal Mode' the Attic Heat Harvester Controller displays Room Temperature and Attic Temperature in the selected units.

From 'Normal Mode' other functions can be selected as follows:

1) A short (1 second) 'Mode' key press starts the 'System Performance Display' sequence.

2) A long (more than 2 second) 'Mode' Key press starts the 'Parameter Setting' sequence.

3) A short 'Mode' and '-' key press starts the 'System Test' mode sequence, the sequence can be halted and resumed by pressing the '-' key.

4) A long 'Mode' and '-' key press starts 'Performance Data Reset' mode.

5) A short 'Mode' and '+' key press starts 'Fan ON' mode.

reduce heating costs - buy now 6) A short '+' key press, when the display is showing Room and Attic temperatures, displays the system outputs status for one second in every eight for sixty seconds.

7) Any key press turns on the LCD display back light for 100 seconds.

Display functions 1) through 5) can be ended by pressing the 'Mode' key resuming Attic Heat Harvester Controller 'Normal Mode'.

The Attic Heat Harvester Controller manual gives detailed user information on the controller.