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Native American Wisdom:
We do not inherit the earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

using heat in hot air - buy now Attic Heat Harvester Ltd. was setup to let the world know about a new, innovative, incredibly efficient, solar energy based heating system, and to make the system available throughout the world.

Attic Heat Harvester Ltd was started by John H Perkin.


John decided to convert an Ohio USA unfinished attic room having a south facing sloped roof over his garage into a completed room. He had noticed how hot the room got on sunny and partially sunny days and wondered if there was any way to harvest this heat and at the same time have high levels of room insulation.

During the conversion John integrated a system to collect solar heated attic air at the apex of the room and to blow this down into the room below when conditions were right. An electronic control system was designed and manufactured that monitored the attic apex and room temperatures and to control the fan. The system was first tested in March 2011, the results looked very promising.

Subsequently two additional prototype systems were installed in the main house at Balerno, Scotland, and at Maumee, Ohio, and a far more sophisticated microprocessor based system developed to control the system and also monitor system performance.

Throughout the following 9 months the prototype systems were enhanced to optimise system efficiency and capability so that it could be used throughout the world to reduce home energy use.

In March 2012 the system was made available for sale initially via this web site.

John H Perkin Bio:

John H Perkin was born in 1943 on a farm near Launceston, Cornwall, England. He attended Brazzacott primary school then Launceston College. In September 1960 John was accepted by the Royal Air Force in the 96th entry of Aircraft Apprentices at RAF Locking, together with 195 other new apprentices. After the three year training course he was awarded the Ground Radar prize and accelerated promotion, by the age of 26 he achieved the rank of Chief Technician. Between 1960 and 1974 John served at RAF Locking (60 - 63), RAF Wyton (63 - 65), RAF Khormaksar, Aden (65-66). RAF Nth Luffenham (66 -67) and RAF Boulmer (67-74).

In 1967 John married Mabel Grace Paynter, a friend from their primary school days. In the early 1970's they had two children, Nicola Clare and Andrew John.

While at RAF Boulmer John was most fortunate to be permitted 'day release' for seven consecutive years to continue his education. His studies gained him 3 GCE 'A' levels, at Ashington Technical college, Northumberland, the first year of HNC Maths Statistics and Computing, and a BSc degree with commendation in Physics with Electronics at Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic. A topic studied as part of the degree course was the Impact of Science on Society, this dramatically increased John H Perkin's awareness of man made threats to the world.

In 1974 John H Perkin was awarded the largest amount ever paid to an RAF serviceman, to that date, for the design, development, manufacture and implementation of system proving trials, of an electronic enhancement to a computerized automatic height calculating computer linked to a 3D long range early warning radar system.

When John H Perkin left the Royal Air Force in 1974 he began North East Electronics Ltd. Where he held the roles of salesman, design engineer, computer programmer, managing director, and chairman. The company designed, manufactured, marketed, developed and supported low cost high performance Advanced Machine Control systems that were used to automate a wide range of customers machines throughout the World.

Early customers included Philips (Holland), British Gas, British Aerospace, British Nuclear Fuels, Rolls Royce Aero Engines.

At it's peak North East Electronics Ltd. NEE employed some 45 people at it's Team Valley, Gateshead premises. From 1974 to March 2005 total world-wide sales exceeded 10,000 control systems valued at in excess of £27,000,000.

In 1995 John H Perkin began NEE Controls Inc, Toledo, Ohio, USA. The company imported control systems produced by NEE Ltd, and developed, marketed and supported these. During this period many new control system applications were identified and NEE Ltd's control systems were developed and enhanced as required. Between 1995 and March 2005 total US sales exceeded $11,000,000.

In response to declining Trade Show sales of NEE's products John H Perkin and Philip Jarvis, an NEE Ltd. employee, embarked on generating a company website designed to achieve maximum visibility of NEE's products throughout the world. Through continued study, detailed research and meticulous testing, effective Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, techniques were discerned then used within the NEE Controls website. A large number of Google Page 1's were won for NEE Controls keywords and key phrases, which led to a huge increase in worldwide sales.

In March 2005 the Perkin family sold their interests in both their British and American companies to an American company who seemed eager to obtain the companies world leading technology, it's world markets, and it's websites.

In 2007 John H Perkin and Phil Jarvis began Adept SEO. The company provides Search Engine Optimisation 'SEO' services for its customers.

One of the highly optimised websites that resulted,, went live in March 2007. This gives practical advice to UK and North American home owners, derived from practical and continuing research, on how they can dramatically reduce their home energy and water costs. The visibility of the websites' keywords and phrases on, has been regularly tracked since April 2007. From July 2008 to today, 10th January 2012, more than 64% of the websites 50 main keywords have achieved a page 1 position, today 92% achieve page 1.